“Had the honor of being invited to The @HendelMedia Immigration Reform Project! Thank you so much Hendel, for providing this platform and letting people like me speak freely even though we may end up speaking for almost two hours!” – Berenice

“Thank you @HendelMedia for having me on, and for listening to my life struggles. Check out my interview with him, and perhaps we can co-host one of these days!” – Maribel 

“An honest and open conversation with Hendel Leiva about my journey to the US and my new baby project Adelante! Check it out! Hendel, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your show, there is such a need for honest conversations about the topic that matter, especially immigration reform. Keep doing what you’re going, you’re such an inspiration!” – Gabriela 

“Such an organic and comfortable interview. I am honored to have been a part of it, and check out his other interviews as well!” – Cheny 

“Hey beautiful people, check out my friend Hendel’s bomb show, and see my unpack my identity and frantically try to remember what the WHIAPI acronym stand for” – Lynda 

“Thank you Hendel Leiva for inviting me to be part of this space. There are many things we don’t talk about [in immigration reform movement] that we don’t get to talk about due to the fact there is no comfort to do so” – Juan Carlos 

“I just had one of the realest, longest, most sincere interviews that I’ve ever had in my life. No agenda, no talking points, no pressure to respond to anything. The only thing he wanted to know was about my  experience with the immigration movement, my dreamer movement experience, and my personal work and family. It has never felt so real to talk about my life and the amazing experiences that have come with it” – Rosa 

“No problem! It was a really beautiful video, it touched on a lot of stuff that I have been thinking about lately in regards to self-care as an activist and what it looks like in the movement. So thank you for being bold, and willing to share this new project of yours with us! I think that these types of programs/projects are much needed” – Jasmine 

“Shout out to @HendelMedia Project for providing us with such insightful and thought provoking interviews. Thanks for having me on the show; we talk about immigrant family life on Long Island, my awkward middle/ high school days and my short informative doc, Voice Of Dreams. Check him out on Twitter, dammit!” – Rigo