About The Film

From One Mistake is a first hand account from Hendel Leiva, about the factors that led him to target day laborers as a high school student, despite having an undocumented father, and the connection to the rise in today’s hate incidents in America. From One Mistake is a film about the journey to self-awareness, empowerment, and action, in today’s hostile political atmosphere.

Throughout the film, Hendel takes the viewers through the pivotal moments to his becoming an immigration activist, and touches on themes of hate speech, bullying, depression, suicide, challenges, and opportunity. Hendel also introduces Eliana Fernandez, a DACA recipient he befriended and mentored, who become one of the lead organizer’s against Donald Trump’s arrival to Patchogue, NY.

Finally, Hendel presents a non-partisan case for immigration reform, and for personal accountability in an increasingly hostile America. He centers his former personal inspiration for his activism – Kanye West – and his alignment with Donald Trump, as the catalyst for being the reason he is speaking out: to help fight back against the explosion of hate incidents online, at high schools, colleges, and local communities.


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