ALEXThis week, welcome Allison to Immigration MIC!

A Long Islander, originally from Guatemala, artist (anime and manga fan), a college student, and an emerging immigration advocate, she has her hands full and she’s full of passion and ambition!

Allison came to the US at 14 and grew up in Hempstead and praises the educational system there – she also gives insight to the violence that is dealt with within the schools at the same time.

“When I came here, I immediately started making my roots here – but it’s harder for a lot of other people” – Allison is grateful to be making her inroads into the US, trying out various career paths, and finding her way.

She is passionate about bringing up to date immigration information to folks that may not have time to attend meetings, acting as an ambassador to community members who have parental responsibilities. “Right now, the most important thing our community should know – its your rights.”

Currently Allison is working to create awareness for the immigration issue, taking the current political atmosphere personally, and working to push back against the current administration’s policies. “All the people are a part of me, and we’re going to stick together and keep fighting.”

“I have people behind me, my friends, and my family, pushing me” – words that Allison is sending out to everyone out there needing words of inspiration!

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