On the Season 3 premiere of Immigration MIC, from Stamford, Connecticut (and yes, she’s met Triple H), welcome Aubrey to our show!

Aubrey, from Ecuador is formerly “DACAmented” – she recently adjusted her status, but continues the fight for her community, which she has been involved in since high school.

Growing up, she focused on studying, believing that through studying she wouldn’t need to worry about being undocumented (she was aware since third grade).

She became heavily involved in advocacy in high school with a negative experience with a lawyer that “made things difficult” for her family, and claimed to have filed paperwork for Audrey that was non-existent.

Audrey is a super talented poet and writer – we talk about two poems that caught my eye. One was about her confronting ICE through her words “the blood is on their hands, I’m not exaggerating”, and the second one “Alien Child” was about having others recognizing the humanity of immigrants.

She recently also wrote an article that was a tribute to her parent’s sacrifices, interwoven with her family’s personal struggles, her regret for rebelling and upsetting them – but is working to make them proud, motivated by their story.

In the near future, Aubrey hopes to learn about/ visit Ecuador for the first time, she continues to write every Wednesday on The Odessey, and the inspiring words she leave us with: “don’t give up. Things won’t be like this forever.”

Thank you so much for joining me Audrey, you are resilient, inspiring, and your poetry and art is something I’m looking forward to daily!

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Alien Child:

Poem Confronting ICE:

Audrey’s Tribute to her Parents:

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