Karla S.

ALEXOn the 5th anniversary of DACA, welcome Karla S. to the #ImmigrationMIC!

A CUNY student currently studying PR and marketing, Karla was brought to the US at two months old from Mexico, and it is her dream to one day be able to visit her homeland.

“It was never the plan to come to the US and stay forever” – Karla’s parents decided the family would stay once the family was established. Although being a DACA recipient has been challenging at times, Karla has used her experiences to push herself to accomplish her goals.

Growing up in Flushing, Karla didn’t grow up exposed to the Latin culture, and because her friends weren’t in those conversations, she saw her status as something she didn’t need to worry about on a day to day basis.

We talk about her navigation through the college system, which has taken a few turns, how she’s needed to pay her tuition out of pocket, and how she wishes there was more resources for students within the CUNY system.

This is a **** great moment **** – Karla gets real when talking about DACA, and how she feels although it has helped her with work, school, and driving, she wishes she has taken advantage of advanced parole – having traveled back to Mexico/ abroad before the current administration came to power. “My biggest fear” – Karla talks to me about how she sees people being held at detention centers, and how people being deported for a variety of reasons, and how it can affect those close to her.

Karla is driven in her career path, her goal eventually working with animals, is looking forward to becoming more involved in immigration activism (thanks to this interview!), helping other college students to find resources and opportunities, even helping to bring a special commencement ceremony to CUNY.

“It’s a bad day, but it’s not a bad life” is Karla’s advice for everyone that is in a situation where they need a bit of hope.

Thanks so much Karla! I look forward to working together in the next few months, and seeing you develop into a leader that we definitely need!

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