Welcome Jackson Heights/ Ecuadorian American/ Community Artist, Folkloric Dancer, Activist and Educator, Viviana to #Immigration MIC in Facebook Live!

For the first time, (though I think she’s a pro), she shares her very personal story of family reunification, takes me through her personal growth at IMI Corona, Queens, and her work in teaching youth through a self-developed art based workshop!

She talks to me about growing up in Jackson Heights, her first time protesting for DAPA, and how her mother disapproved at first, but since has become involved in helping to spread information herself! It’s also great to hear how Viviana found her voice though yelling at the top of her lungs at the protests!

Also, we talk about how groups in her community banded together to help during the time rumors of ICE surfaced in the Jackson Heights area, along with community “Know Your Rights” workshops.

Viviana is all about community – the Ecuadorean community, the immigrant community, the youth community, the Jackson Heights community – I’m incredibly lucky to have met such a powerful person that is using her voice to bering about social change!

“Your project touches every hidden soul behind the computer” — Viviana thank you so, so much for your words – your power represents the heart and soul for all those fighting right now! I look forward to meeting in person and doing some great work together!


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