ALEXWelcome to a Facebook Live Edition Of Immigration MIC with North Carolina’s own (and Steph Curry collaborator!!) Yash Mori!

A super talented digital media // immigrant rights organizer that has done it all – but is committed to the movement because of his personal connection to immigration.

Yash came to Charlotte, NC at the age of seven with a background in organizing already – his mom was a women’s rights organizer in India that helped influence his social justice thinking.

Through his amazing video and photos he looks to tell authentic narratives in the South – immigration became a natural fit for him – most of his friends were immigrants when he began organizing. We talk about Yash’s abilities to use his personal lens to help create stories that can help move social actions.

He tells stories that blow my mind – like being detained in a room with family members at 7 years old, with no English – a “frustrating and scary experience” – which he thinks about when hearing about people going into deportation proceedings.

He is a co-founder with Juan Carlos of the DREAM Organizing Network in North Carolina – using the “Dreamer” narrative to gain access to spaces – but using it to raise awareness of Obama’s 2 million deportations.

A Hillary For America alum – he breaks down his perspective on the election, the video he produced in case the election went to Trump, and the ride back after he had packed up all his stuff in the office on November 4th.

“Resistance” is Yash’s frame from which he’s working from now – he was taking a break preparing for the People’s Climate March on the 29th – the commitment to the American Dream is real.

And listen all the way to the end to learn about how he’s worked with Steph Curry (who’s from Charlotte) – woooooooooooo, man!

Thanks again Yash! Really appreciate your wanting to help me develop my game on the show, and this great conversation!

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