Welcome Astoria hometown girl, Karen to this week’s ImmigrationMIC episode!

The culture, the people, the diversity, Karen is born and raised in her neighborhood, and she’s all about it!

Both her parents were middle school sweethearts from Mexico – her father’s goal at 16 was to bring Karen’s mom to the US – a big step from meeting in the marketplace.

Karen talks to me about growing up within other cultures – how it made her question her appearance – and how for a brief time she herself was ashamed of being Latina because of the ”Mexican” jokes that would be thrown around – and how food was a big step in creating relationships.

During her college years, someone close to her was undocumented – which sparked her interest in learning about immigration: it was his family’s inability to travel to Mexico for important occasions.

She has a passion for political science and law, and she’s currently working educate herself on immigration policies and constantly attending “Know Your Rights” events. She’s also working in a volunteer capacity with a local group as part of their amplification team, which she was moved to be a part of after the inauguration and the Women’s March.

We talk about the power of social media and the connections // resources and how it’s beneficial in activism – and to my surprise she told me she plugged my show at a local event!

The election – we talk about her level of engagement and her reaction to the surreal win – she used to watch “The Apprentice”. “Checking DT Twitter is like checking up on an ex on social media” LOL!

We end with talking about our favorite Big Sean music – how the inspiration and positivity is everything we need right now // and helping others find their talents through our mutual work!

Karen – it was such a pleasure talking to you, and so much fun! – can’t wait to work together!

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