Carla/ Maxima


Welcome Carla & Maxima to The @HendelMedia #ImmigrationReform Project! Co-hosted (yes it happened!) with Maribel!

Carla and Maxima are founders of their own workout apparel line Ganaz Apparel – opposites, but are brought together by a love for community organizing and fitness, you can def see the love there through the shots they take at each other.

Carla is an artist and an entrepreneur: she grew up in a part of Arizona that was mainly anglo. She credits her school’s resources in helping her develop her design and software talents.

Maxima tells us about growing up in downtown Phoenix pre-gentrification, when it wasn’t safe for her to walk to the corner for food, and how in college it was through MySpace (yes Myspace) someone reached out to her about becoming involved in the fight for the DREAM Act.

We talk about their experiences organizing in Arizona, Maxima tells us a pretty scary story about her life being threatened during an action when activists shut down the Arizona highway protesting Donald Trump, and there is an important discussion about DACA recipients not always being involved in organizing: Maribel and Maxima have different experiences, having each grown up in California and Arizona (definitely worth listening to!), and much more!

Personally, I think their GANAZ apparel line is awesome, and something much needed within the Latinx community to encourage fitness and nutrition education, and I’m very proud of Maxima and Carla in stepping up to work to combine art, our heritage, and fitness. Stay tuned with their work to see what’s next for these amazing activists and entrepreneurs!

Maribel, Maxima and Carla leave us with some pretty important words of hope and inspiration for the road ahead: there is much work to be done, but with the strength and lessons learned from these resilient women, our movement is in “great shape” (see what I did there?)

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