Reyna/ Korina

ALEXLive from AZ welcome Reyna and Korina to the first ever in-person The @HendelMedia Project episode!
Fresh off of finishing an educational gathering for local community members on the current political state of Arizona, Reyna and Korina are determined to continue fighting the fight in AZ that has spanned more than 25 years against discriminatory immigration laws!
Reyna shares her experience sharing her story for the 1st time ever at a Republican fundraiser (woah!) – and her path to becoming Executive Director of Aliento, and her focus on leadership development in the AZ community.
Korina talks about her experiences being involved in fighting Joe Arpaio’s policies, and the need she felt to become involved in organizing after having been inactive – and the moment she realized she needed to fight back. Her words – “There’s no political party, when your life is on the line” – so many chills.
We talk about the SB1070 laws and the connection to former Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy’s policies, the underestimation from activists in a possible Trump win, as well as the significance of the Obama deportation raids (Reyna camped outside of the WH for a month.)
Listen to the end of the trailer to hear important words from Reyna and Korina to help you move through your days, and I truly mean it – it’s one thing to talk to people through Skype: it’s completely different to meet such empowered, determined fighters in person.

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