Welcome Dive Master/ Educator/ Activist and Long Island hometown girl Melissa Figueroa to The @HendelMedia #ImmigrationReform Project!

Melissa is passionate about advocating for quality education, which derives from her parent’s work ethic, her Puerto Rican heritage/ experiences, and about local issues that affect the Hempstead immigrant community:

College was always in her plans, and initially planned to study psychology, however, she switched over to communications and that decision prepared her for the career she has built!

Hear about her mishap as an intern at HBO Latino, Hempstead Public Schools, her experience working at Goldman Sach’s, how she began engaging in activism, and how she was into conspiracy theories online! Also: see Melissa’s passion for her experience working and traveling in Mozambique, which is very dear to her heart.

I ask Melissa the all important question: with local politics and elections becoming so ugly, why/ and how should young people get involved? Hear Melissa’s answer which definitely inspired me – love her passion!

Melissa’s term as a school board member is expiring soon, so she’s relaunching her campaign – she’s excited to continue working for progressive causes to help marginalized communities on Long Island and in NY, and for children to receive a quality education – and you can see how passionate and determined she is to help accomplish that!


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