ALEXFrom NC in the middle of musical rehearsals – Welcome Alfredo to The @HendelMedia #ImmigrationReform Project!

A video of Alfredo on Twitter caught my attention – he was speaking passionately at a rally, in a way that was very motivating – so I had to reach out and bring him on!

Alfredo is a originally from Mexico (I actually didn’t know this until halfway through the interview!) He talks to me about the opportunities his family was seeking in the US to build a home in Mexico, the language barriers his parents faced, and the challenges of living in apartment complexes with other recent migrants families.

He is a southerner for sure – his drawl and love for southern food are part of who he is!

Alfredo credits the public education system for having the opportunity to succeed, and feels a deep commitment to always give back to the community, which is why at the Day Without Immigrants rally, he spoke directly to the youth in a way he felt they needed to hear. He loved that the video of him speaking received such great reception and ovation from people online that he didn’t know – fulfilling his goal of reaching out to people beyond the choir.

Alfredo uses his story to introduce the reasons why people should learn more about the nation’s evolving immigration policies – and to the people in his community he has a single message – keep fighting, something he’s taken from his mom and is using every day.

Alfredo, you are an inspiration and I look forward to connecting you with other inspiring individuals like yourself, and I look forward to seeing you doing big things on stages!


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