ALEXShe was recently on CNN taking Speaker Paul Ryan to task, and now she’s on The @HendelMedia Project!

Angelica from OK joins me for an interview you don’t want to miss: we discuss her motivations behind becoming active in the immigrant rights movement in 2006, discuss our struggles with mental health, how her ambitions to earn her degree were almost thwarted by anti-immigrant legislation, and her work with disability advocacy, youth soccer coaching, and working with Make A Wish!

She also tells us the story of what she was really thinking at the CNN’s Paul Ryan Townhall – how she felt used by the network by placing her after a tragic story, how Paul Ryan “didn’t answer the damn question”, and tells us what she really wanted to say to him – seeing how such incidents like Guadalupe’s deportation last night shows that he’s going back on his words.

We also discuss how anti-immigrant legislation evolved in Oklahoma, how her daughters have been targeted by blatant acts of racism, but how through it all Angelica is motivated to continue sharing her story, organizing her community, and working to push back against the attacks on the undocumented community.

This is my 50th video – and also my longest interview – Angelica thank you so much for having fought for immigrant rights for 10+ years – so blessed to have been able to listen to all the wisdom you shared with me! And I hope one day you’ll come to NY to have pupusas!

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