Welcome filmmaker Maribel to The @HendelMedia #ImmigrationReform project!

Maribel is in the process of the post-production phase of her upcoming film but she takes the time to let us get to know her road to deciding to put her life on screen!

Ambitious, and resilient, Mexican born, LA- raised Maribel once envisioned herself climbing the ranks of corporate America, but has decided to use her story’s strength to help others in the same position of struggle she finds herself in. She relates the story of how her family decided that they would stay in the U.S – and the ‘magical’ sights she saw when she arrived.

We dive into some heavy topics, including how through experiences in middle school and high school brought on shame of not being in an ideal citizenship situation, how she planned to move to Washington State to obtain a license, how she wasn’t excited about the announcement about President’s Obama’s legislation, and how she’s been on ‘survival mode’ since high school.

More topics we cover include real-time bullying of immigrants, her activism for immigration reform since she was 18, even arriving at the office of-then Senator Obama. Also, the anxiety from this past weekend regarding the potential repeal of that legislation is discussed.

She’s currently working on her second film, a full length look into her recent journey back to Mexico, which she emotionally recounts to me, and describes her ambitions for using her upcoming film to teach in schools and universities!

Check out Mi Vida DACA and consider donating $10 like me to help finish the film!


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