My guest this week on The @HendelMedia Project was recently on Seriously.TV, killing it with the comebacks, welcome Angel!

A fellow LI organizer, born in Peru, in a years time, I’m proud to see his storytelling abilities having developed so much (listen to his take on Glen Cove either being The Wonder Years or Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America.)

Overstaying, Angel has gone through significant hardship including, a SCPD routine traffic stop led to the deportation of a family member, and family separation, forcing him to grow up fast.

Hear how he was first introduced to Anita Halasz – how he then became a member of Long Island Immigrant Students Advocates – and became a part of the immigrant rights movement, advocating for the NYS DREAM ACT, to the two incredibly successful conferences he’s helped to organize, and his ambitions with his forthcoming alternative rock band!

He’s looking forward to the future in coalition building of people being affected and targeted by the new presidential administration: he warns that hiding at this time, instead of standing to fight back, will usher in governments in the future that he describes as “even more dangerous.”

Listen to his incredible optimism and passion for immigrant rights work in the full interview here!

And see the awesome Seriously.TV interview here!



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