I welcome Armando, a ‘millennial’ Mexican American Chicago based activist that recently found himself in a near-altercation at the Trump rally that was shut down on March 11.

Dissatisfied with both campaigns, Armando gives his honest assessment of Latinxs’s role in this presidential election, how ICE is waiting outside people’s doors, talk about having been ‘ too privileged’ as a US-born American to have hobbies such as gaming and riding his motorcycle, how the concept of “respect your elders” holds movement building back (Dolores Huerta/ Rosario Dawson), and how he promotes unity amongst the Latinx community while still calling out inconsistencies.

He also tells his account of the Trump rally, and how people from all walks of life came together for the common purpose of stopping Trump from entering THEIR city.

(April 4, 2016)


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